Rockbox - Patch Builds

These builds incorporate patch 706111, freeform Id3v2 tags, and unsubmitted patch Chop File Prefix

These builds were compiled by Thomas Paul Diffenbach, based on the Rockbox CVS source of 23 May 2003.
This web page is copyright (©) 2003 Thomas Paul Diffenbach. Duplication of this web page is prohibited without express permission.

The FM build has been tested; the Recorder and Player builds have not.

Please send questions, bug reports, or comments to the rockbox mailing list, or to rockbox at diffenbach dot org

No warranty, express or implied, is made as to the usability or safety of this software. If you chose to use this software, you do so at your own risk. By downloading this software, you expressly hold harmless the software's creator and any other entities for any loss or damage, direct or incidental, caused by your use of this software.

The source code for this software is released under the GNU General Public License. Copies of the source code is available upon request to rockbox at diffenbach dot org (But as a practical matter, please use the Rockbox CVS source and the Sourceforge Rockbox Patch.)

The software can be downloaded via the following links:
Player archos.mod Recorder ajbrec.ajz FM Recorder ajbrec.ajz

User Documentation

Id3v2 Tags

To use the Id3v2 tags, add the following format descriptors to your While Playing Screen:

genre (%g) will show the freeform genre is one exists, otherwise it will use the id3v1 specification + winamp additions picklist.
track number (%r) will show the full Id3v2 track string, e.g. "2/12" or " 2 of 12"; %n, as in previous builds, will show only the number, e.g. "2".

Chop File Prefix

Chop File Prefix allows you to not display some prefix of an mp3's file name in the directory browser; its purpose is to remove track numbers prefixed to song title.

This affects only the display; the file name is not changed, and it is still sorted, queued, etc., by the full file name.

To use Chop File Prefix, set it up via the menu:
Menu->General Settings->File View->Chop File Prefix

If "Chop File Prefix" is enabled, the file name will be shown either beginning with, if "At First Matching" is selected, or beginning with the first character after, if "After First Matching" is selected, the first "Character of Type" selected.